7 Things to Do in Your 40s if You’re Worried About Your Alzheimer’s Risk

While many people in their 40s are aware of Alzheimer’s disease, it probably doesn’t feel like an immediate threat. That makes sense, because most people with the condition don’t show symptoms until they’ve passed their 65th birthday, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA). If Alzheimer’s runs in your family, though, your risk might […]

New month means crafting a *short* list of low-lift resolutions I’ll actually want to stick to for the remaining weeks. At the top of my “ins” for February are hydration with a purpose and boosting gut health (while mindless scrolling and drinking coffee before water are decidedly on the “outs”). A new addition to my daily routine helping me accomplish some of these goals: Mayawell’s bubbly prebiotic sodas.

Needless to say, prebiotic sodas aren’t exactly new by any means. However, this Mexican-owned, Austin-based beverage company (which launched in early 2020) is the first of its kind whose sweetening agent (agave!) doubles as a gut-healthy prebiotic. Since keeping up on my daily hydration quotas isn’t exactly what I would call “fun”—at least not when it tastes like plain ol’ water—Mayawell’s tasty assortment of bubbly prebiotic sodas have become a highlight of my day. As Whole Foods Market predicted in its 2024 trends report, it’s all about the little luxuries in life, fam.

On that note, I tried swapping out my daily coffee order for a can of Mayawell for an entire week, and my digestion is already thanking me for it. Here’s why.


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A few gut health benefits of Mayawell’s prebiotic sodas

First things first, the specs. Each 12 fluid-ounce can of Mayawell prebiotic soda contain five grams of prebiotic fiber (what feeds the good bacteria in the gut) sourced from agave, four grams of (non-artificial) sugar, and is vegan, gluten-free, and caffeine-free. It comes in five delicious flavors: Pear Lime, Strawberry Ginger, Watermelon Mint, Pineapple Mango, and Raspberry Cucumber. They’re made even tastier with ingredients like hibiscus and turmeric.

Although health experts agree that a can of prebiotic soda isn’t the end all be all when it comes to gut health or constipation, these beverages are “a step in a better direction,” especially when compared to sugar-laden sodas, gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz, MD, previously told Well+Good. Meanwhile, dietitians say that thanks to the fiber, prebiotic sodas may help you go number two. A win-win.

Paying homage to their Mexican cultural roots 

Aside from all of the good stuff inside of the can, you can’t help but marvel at the packaging’s beautiful aesthetic, which pays homage to Mayawell’s Mexican roots. According to the founders, the design thoughtfully incorporates ancient Mayan and Aztec characters that reflect the rich history and mythology of Indigenous cultures, such as the feathered serpent.

Vicente Reyes, co-founder of Mayawell, says that the “packaging not only proudly embraces our Mexican identity, but also pays homage to our organic hand-harvested agave sourced from my city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Mayawell isn’t just a prebiotic soda, it’s a heartfelt tribute to our roots, a lively celebration of our culture, and a commitment to a healthier way of life.” If you want to give Mayawell a try, it’s available via their website or Amazon for $29.99 for a 12-pack.

mayawell prebiotic soda in pocket

I tried swapping my coffee for prebiotic soda 

By now you’re likely well aware that dehydration = bad news. (Cue the muscle cramps, compromised skin health, lack of energy, and so on.) I have work to do in this department. So in an effort to uphold my hydration resolutions, I’ve swapped my go-to coffee order (a potentially dehydrating drink with diuretic effects) for a more thirst-quenching Mayawell prebiotic soda.

Surprisingly, I immediately noticed a difference in terms of my digestion. Previously, like clockwork, I’d begin to experience indigestion about an hour or so after drinking my regular oat milk latte—I’d long ago made peace with it in the name of Needing Caffeine. The mid-morning tummy ache subsided when I swapped in my Mayawell prebiotic soda. The lightly-carbonated drink had a naturally soothing effect on my gut, and the fruity strawberry ginger flavor (my fave!) made my taste buds dance around the room in a way coffee could never. Mayawell also has a fraction of the sugar content (only five grams, compared to my 27 gram oat milk latte), which meant no sugar or caffeine crash later in the day.

In sum: If you’re seeking a less roller coaster-y month, I’d definitely recommend this drink as a low-lift step towards regularity—in every regard.

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