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Your weekly horoscope for May 26 to June 1, 2024 starts out with a cool, calm and collected vibe, but quickly ends on a dramatic note! On May 27, Mercury in Taurus syncs up with Saturn in Pisces, asking you to get serious about your commitments. You’re teleported back to May 7 when the sun in Taurus linked up with Saturn in Pisces, and you may revisit conversations or realizations that took place on that day. This is a great day to discuss the future with a romantic or business partner, sign contracts, or to commit to a new creative undertaking.

On May 30, Mercury and Uranus link up in the sky, delivering major shocks throughout the cosmos.

The skies are full of sensitivity when Mars in Aries meets with Chiron in Aries at the same point in the sky on May 29. This can be an intense day for confronting old wounds and triggers. Mars is a planet of anger and action, and Chiron represents your deepest pain and wounding that you carry with you throughout your life. Be gentle with yourself as these two celestial objects meet in the sky. Tend to your nervous system and know that you can use this energy productively to break free from the past or old patterns that no longer serve you.

On May 30, there’s a last quarter moon in Pisces that asks you to let go and surrender. This reactivates a storyline that was unfolding under the full moon in Sagittarius on May 23. This part of the moon’s cycle is all about releasing, pivoting, and learning to trust in the timing of the Universe. You may be ready to move on from someone or a situation, or integrate some wisdom you gained under last week’s full moon.

On the same day, Mercury, the planet of information, and Uranus, the planet of surprises, join forces to deliver major shocks throughout the cosmos! Conversations feel unconventional and off-beat today. You could share something that feels risky, land on an innovative idea, experience a mental breakthrough, or learn some surprising news!

To get a closer look at what these cosmic shifts have in store for you, read on to find your zodiac sign’s weekly horoscope for May 26 to June 1, 2024 (and be sure to read for your sun sign and your rising sign for the most accurate forecast—you can use a birth chart calculator to find yours).

Looking for even more cosmic insights? Check out your full May 2024 monthly horoscope, or take a look at your yearly 2024 horoscope

Key astrological events for your weekly horoscope from May 26 to June 1, 2024

  • Monday, May 27: Moon enters Aquarius
  • Monday, May 27: Mercury in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces
  • Wednesday, May 29: Mars in Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries
  • Wednesday, May 29: Moon enters Pisces
  • Thursday, May 30: Last quarter moon in Pisces
  • Thursday, May 30: Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus
  • Friday, May 31: Moon enters Aries

Weekly horoscope by zodiac sign for May 26 to June 1, 2024


aries horoscope slide

It’s time to take up space, Aries, when Mars and Chiron, both in your sign, team up on May 27. Some of your fears and insecurities might be on display today, and you may feel like you want to shrink and hide. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up for you, but try to be curious about what the underlying lessons of them may be. This can be a healing time for you to take up space and cut ties with an old version of yourself who was too scared to live authentically.

You’re tired of arguing once the last quarter moon in Pisces arrives on May 30. This is an important day for recognizing which fights are worth your effort and energy and what discussions you’d be better served to walk away from. You may also experience a shift in your own mindset or learn some secret news today.

An unexpected expense might pop up throughout your day when Mercury and Uranus meet up in Taurus on the same day. You may have to resist a strong urge to make an impulsive purchase but, on the other hand, you could also learn about some exciting and shocking career opportunities. You’re also feeling more called to take risks when it comes to speaking about your values and what matters most to you.


taurus horoscope

You’ve got the support of your fans, Taurus, when Venus, in your sign mingles with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. If you’re pitching an idea to a group of people, the odds are in your favor, or maybe you’re already prepared to accept an offer. You can make progress today on personal goals or learn about potential collaborative opportunities, as well. You could also make a commitment to join a new group or volunteer organization that feels meaningful to you.

If you’ve been overspending or overextending yourself, now’s the time to call back your energy and resources under the last quarter moon in Pisces on May 30. This lunation helps you understand who and what are worth your time, money, and energy, but most importantly, who and what are not. It’s time to set some boundaries.

Your words stun others when Mercury and Uranus, both in your sign, join together on the same day. You’re speaking your mind and don’t care what others think! You could also experience a personal revelation or learn some shocking news that leaves you feeling personally changed.


gemini horoscope

You’re working on something behind the scenes, Gemini, when Mercury in Taurus meets with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. Maybe you’re considering leaving your job and interviewing elsewhere, or putting the finishing touches on a project you’ve been getting ready to share with the world. Trust your instincts and intuition today when it comes to making decisions about your future.

Old wounds of loneliness or a longing to belong might resurface when Mars and Chiron team up in Aries on May 29. It’s also possible something in your day indirectly reminds you of these old feelings rather than being triggered by someone or something directly. This is an invitation to consider who and what you invest your energy into, and cut ties with anything that leaves you feeling unable to be authentically you.

You’re making an important personal decision under the last quarter moon in Pisces on May 30. This could look like a decision to give up and move on from a relationship, job, or even a personal goal you’ve been pursuing. Your heart and mind are leading you in a new direction, but give yourself time to grieve and close out this cycle.


cancer horoscope

It’s never been so easy for you to commit, Cancer. Mercury in Taurus teams up with Saturn in Pisces on May 27, inviting you to make solid plans for your future. From traveling with a bestie to signing a new work contract, you’re feeling encouraged about what the future holds and grateful for the stability these plans bring you.

Your intuition is incredibly active under the last quarter moon in Pisces on May 29. Consider keeping a dream journal and pay attention to who and what shows up while you’re sleeping. You may also experience a perspective shift and realize what you have to change or release something in order to reach your next goal. In order for your dreams to come true, you’ll have to embrace radical honesty and accountability.

It’s your lucky day when Mercury and Uranus link up on the same day. Some unexpected news makes its way to you; maybe you’re mingling with someone famous, or land a dream opportunity out of the blue. You could also find yourself hanging out with someone you haven’t seen in a while, or meet some strange-yet-interesting characters this day.


leo horoscope

Someone is ready to invest in your vision and your future, Leo, when Mercury in Taurus mingles with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. This is a remarkable day to sign a contract, to share something secret you’ve been working on, or to ask for support from loved ones or even people in your professional field. You may also make an important life decision like going back to school, or getting married.

You’re letting go of a dream you’ve outgrown on May 30 under the last quarter moon in Pisces. You might also wrap up a project that’s run its course on this day. This is also an important day for you to be aware of the people in your social circle that put an equal amount of effort into your friendship; take notice of those connections that feel more one-sided.

Your reputation is under the spotlight when Mercury in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus sync up on the same day. Your star may rise and perhaps you’re gaining recognition at the speed of light! You could also choose to share a side of yourself that surprises others, or learn about some unexpected changes at work.


virgo horoscope

Solid communication always makes you feel more grounded, Virgo; fortunately, the stars are aligning for you on May 27 when Mercury in Taurus connects with Saturn in Pisces. This is a great day for discussing future plans with a lover, roommate, or family member, or maybe even put the finishing touches on negotiating a contract. This energy is supportive for discussing boundaries and making commitments of any kind.

Some of your important relationships and goals have changed since last week’s full moon, and you’re ready to surrender to your new reality under the last quarter moon in Pisces on May 29. This isn’t the time to force things, but rather to accept what you cannot change or control. It may feel like your life path or what you once craved is in limbo. Trust that the pieces will come back together in due time.

You’re ready to take a risk and maybe even book some last-minute travel plans on the same day when Mercury and Uranus meet up in Taurus. If traveling isn’t a priority or within your budget right now, you can still have some eye-opening experiences and perspective shifts by making small changes to your daily routine. Communication today can feel a bit more unpredictable and disruptive, but also jolt you outside of your comfort zone, bringing about a breakthrough.


libra horoscope

You’re revisiting old relationship wounds, Libra, when Mars and Chiron, both in Aries, join forces on May 29. Someone important in your life, like a family member or a romantic partner, might trigger old memories or a desire to give into old relationship patterns. This marks a turning point in your healing journey and although the energy is intense, ultimately you’re feeling empowered to choose differently and release any connections or relationship dynamics that feel unhealthy.

Your daily responsibilities are shifting under the last quarter moon in Pisces on May 30. You may realize that in order to pursue some of your dreams, you have to release some of your current obligations. This is an opportunity to free up some of your personal time and ask for help where you need it.

On the same day, you’re learning some surprising news about your finances when Mercury and Uranus meet in Taurus. You could end a work contract out of the blue, or receive an unexpected opportunity. Do your best to avoid sudden purchases if you can; you may feel more of an urge this day to spend beyond your means. Emotionally, you can experience a profound breakthrough regarding your past, setting you free in the process.


scorpio horoscope

You’re ready to say “I do,” Scorpio, when Mercury in Taurus meets with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. From relationship commitments to business opportunities, this is a productive time to discuss your future desires, boundaries, and make sure you’re on the same page as someone important in your life.

It’s time to release any lingering feelings of jealousy, envy, or projection under the last quarter moon in Pisces on May 30. Today, you may have to address some topics that you’ve been avoiding in your close relationships. You’re also using your discernment to consider who and what you pour your energy and resources into. Your priorities are shifting.

Your relationships are the focus of your attention once again by the end of the week when Mercury and Uranus, both in Taurus, meet on the same day. Conversations in your close relationships feel a bit unhinged and can shake the foundation of your connection. A partner may express something surprising, or maybe you’re choosing to make a sudden, rash decision in a relationship, like eloping or even leaving a long-term partnership that’s grown stale.


sagittarius horoscope

There’s more of a flow to your daily life, Sagittarius, when Mercury in Taurus mingles with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. You’re feeling less resistance when it comes to asking for support, too, and may find that your loved ones are eager to help you out. You may also discuss daily responsibilities at home with family members, roommates, or a lover.

You’re pushing through any fear of taking up space and allowing yourself to prioritize joy in your life on May 29 when Mars in Aries links up with Chiron in Aries. This can kick up insecurities and fears regarding your self-expression and desire to share your creative gifts with the world. Old relationship wounds and drama might also resurface, inviting you to reflect on how you can move forward differently this time.

Don’t expect everything to go according to plan when Mercury and Uranus team up on May 30. Unpredictable roadblocks or detours might pop up throughout the day—some of your existing responsibilities could get in the way of your fun. You could also have a conversation that leaves you with a perspective shift.


capricorn horoscope

You’re ready to commit to a creative project, Capricorn, when Mercury in Taurus syncs up with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. Maybe you’re starting a social media page dedicated to one of your personal interests, or working on a book proposal to send out to publishers! If your hobbies aren’t your main focus right now, this is also a busy time for your dating life;  you may be ready to get serious with someone special!

Your family and past might feel more triggering than ever when Mars in Aries and Chiron in Aries conjoin in the sky on May 29. Feeling is the key to healing today. The energy is helpful for breaking cycles and patterns that run in your family line, but this is a tall order. Carve out time for reflection and rest.

Fortunately, on the same day, Mercury and Uranus meet in Taurus, bringing some exciting news your way. You could land a dream job, feel like you’re in the right place at the right time, or even go viral online. This is beautiful energy for taking risks, trying new things, and putting your joy and pleasure first.


aquarius horoscope

You’re feeling more financially secure, Aquarius, once Mercury in Taurus links up with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. Maybe you landed a job or new contract and finally feel like you’re establishing a safety net with your savings. Emotionally, you may also feel a deeper sense of pride and confidence in your own skills and talents that you contribute to the world, both at work and outside of work.

Find a healthy outlet for your anger on May 29 when Mars in Aries connects with Chiron in Aries at the same point in the sky. Repressed frustration might surge to the surface—be wary of any confrontations that may take place. On the bright side, expressing your true feelings can be liberating and help you set the new standards and boundaries you’ve been craving.

The past is no match for you on May 30 when Mercury and Uranus join together in Taurus. You may experience a big revelation or learn some shocking information about your family. This energy can feel destabilizing, but also freeing as you move on from anyone and anything that’s keeping you feeling stuck and stagnant. You may also make some last-minute decisions about your living situation—like deciding to move or paint your living room a daring new color!


pisces horoscope

You’re making progress on some of your personal goals, Pisces, and you’re feeling  good when Mercury in Taurus mingles with Saturn in Pisces on May 27. You could be approached with a potential contract today or have some conversations that infuse you with a deeper sense of security for your future. This is a great day for negotiations and making commitments.

The last quarter moon in Pisces on May 29 puts you in a more sensitive and reflective mood. You may feel called to release and forgive old versions of yourself and, in the process, embody a more authentic version of who you are now. This is a powerful day for using your past as a guide and considering what worked for you and what hasn’t. Choose to move forward in a new way.

Your mind is moving at rapid speeds once Mercury and Uranus link up in Taurus on the same day. You’re kicking limiting beliefs to the curb and experiencing breakthroughs in your own mindset. You could also share some news that shocks others, or you might learn some information that feels particularly juicy and surprising!

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