Found: A Luxurious Cold Plunge That—Gasp—Turned Me Into a Cold-Plunge Person

It turns chill to thrill.

Beach days, midday ice cream cones, gauzy dresses, long hot girl walks in the park. Whether you live in a four-season climate or you’re accustomed to 72-and-sunny weather all year long, there’s a lot to love about summer.

But one thing that’s not exactly the subject of celebration? Heat, humidity, and sun exposure wreaking havoc on your hair and skin—from dry strands and clogged pores to sweat in *all* the wrong places—and making your well-established beauty routines feel like running uphill.

That’s why, here at Well+Good, we’re updating our wellness to-dos with a few essential summer beauty tools—and single-handedly saving our hair and skin in the process. Let these mini upgrades help you maintain your self-care regimens, stay radiant, and feel your best, no matter the forecast.

Psst: You can snag all these summer beauty tools at QVC, our go-to destination for hair and skin-care gems, where new customers can get $20 off an order of $40 or more with code HELLO20 through the end of June. Here’s to a summer of making the weather less arch nemesis, more best friend.

Shop Summer Beauty Tools

PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro Facial Tool — $261.00

I’ve always been slightly skeptical of exfoliation, but with summer heating up—and my pores showing the clog (ahem, sweat, sunscreen, grubby toddler handprints)—it’s finally time for me to commit to a more in-depth cleansing regimen. With a range of discs for different exfoliation options, this facial tool promises a customizable experience to ensure I’ll get the just-right slough I’m looking for to scrub away dead, dull skin cells and usher in my glowy era. — Eva Rohan, Vice President of Content + Creative Strategy

Dyson Airwrap with Paddle Brush and Travel Pouch — $630.00

One thing about me: I’m the proud keeper of a mess of half-curly, half-straight, always-tangled hair. One more thing: I don’t have a clue what to do with it—and that’s especially true this time of year, when sticky, sweaty weather has its own reckless plans for my strands. That’s why I recently sprung for—and now highly recommend—the internet-favorite Dyson Airwrap, which dries and styles my hair in five minutes (yes, seriously) and requires exactly zero hair-doing skills. Humidity, who? — Helen Johnson, Branded Content Editor

Calista AirGlide Pro Cool Breeze Styler — $99.00

Once summer arrives, you can find me chilling at the beach every weekend. While I love nothing more than soaking up the sun, the UV rays and saltwater leave my hair feeling dry and damaged. I want to prevent major breakage, but I’m not ready to give up the option to heat style—so I’m reaching for this Calista styler when I’m not dipping in the ocean. Its cooling vents lock in whatever style I’m feeling—whether that be wavy, curly, or straight—and leave my strands looking silky-smooth. Yes, healthy-looking hair and summer weather can totally coexist. — Maeve McCormick, Assistant Branded Content Editor

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NuFACE Mini+ & FIX w/ Aqua Gel, FIX Serum, & Brush — $314.00

This year, I’ve been prioritizing my skin-care routine by making it more of a self-care, feel-good moment to start my day. This NuFACE Mini+ uses soft-wave microcurrent technology to gently stimulate my skin and help smooth and firm my face and neck—and it’s giving that fresh-faced, no-makeup look that summer’s all about. Prediction: Upgrading my skin-care toolbox with this gadget will help me stick to my new morning practice and feel my best, whether I’m hopping on Zoom or hitting the beach. — Kelsey Kopp, Associate Director of Creative Services Management

PMD Clean Mini — $69.00

As a lifelong member of the Recovering Pimple Poppers Society (translation: I’ve dealt with bouts of hormonal acne since I was 12), washing my face twice a day is a non-negotiable part of my skin-care routine. My pet peeve? When I dry my face after cleansing and still find makeup residue on the hand towel. But let me assure you: That does not happen when I use a cleansing tool like the PMD Clean Mini. The short bristles on the silicone brush head deeply cleanse to remove dirt, oil, and makeup, and the vibrations from the SonicGlow Technology give me all the twice-a-day-facial feels. Bonus: You can also use it to apply moisturizer and serums for next-level hydration (which is key throughout the summer) and squeaky clean skin that really glows. — Erin Flynn, Senior Branded Editor

T3 SinglePass Curl X 1″ Ceramic Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron — $150.00

Everyone who knows me knows I love a wellness tool. An LED mask for my skin-care routine? A massage gun for sore post-yoga muscles? You name it, I have it—except when it comes to my hair routine. When summer humidity hits New York City, I tend to bank on a slicked-back bun and count down the days till I’m jetting off to lay oceanside and letting my hair down for some air-dried, salty waves. To bring that beachy look to my daily life in the city, I’m picking up this easy-to-use T3 SinglePass curling iron, complete with an extra-long barrel and nine different heat settings. Toolbox, complete. — Meredith Babb, Senior Creative Strategist + Video Producer

Note: Prices taken at the time of publication and are subject to change.

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