I Vowed To Never Blame My Baby for My Problems—Until She Gave Me Dark Circles

As every mother before me already knows, promises and control go out the window once your baby arrives.

If you’re still grappling with the fact that January has nearly wrapped (where did the time go?), we hear you. This month is insanity for so many of us—from post-holiday stress to frigid temps, cold and flu season, and (SO! MUCH!) noise around nutrition. Who could imagine meal prepping breakfasts, lunches, and snacks ahead of your work week like all the magazines promised would be so simple?

Professional recipe developers and food bloggers, that’s who.

To that end, we caught up with a few of our go-to food writers and healthy cooking experts that shared their absolute favorite time-saving recipes for feeding thyself (and your loved ones) in a pinch.

Healthy time-saving recipes from cooking experts 

best healthy recipes 2023 cottage cheese
Photo: Feel Good Foodie

1. Feel Good Foodie: Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

You may know her as Feel Good Foodie across social media. (You know, the wildly popular recipe developer with over four million followers on Instagram alone.) But what you might not know about Yumna Jawad, is that cottage cheese ice cream was hands-down her favorite healthy food trend of last year. Why? It’s simple: It’s dessert and protein all in one. A win-win. “This Cottage Cheese Ice Cream recipe packs a serious punch of protein. Because it’s made with cottage cheese as the creamy base, it has 12 grams of protein per serving, which makes it more nutritious as compared to regular ice cream,” Jawad says.

The best part is that you can easily whip together a batch from the comfort of your home—no fancy equipment necessary. “I love that I can make it by just blending cottage cheese with any fruit base and honey and not needing an ice cream machine,” Jawad says. “The simplicity of the recipe means I can get creative with different flavors and toppings so it always feels like a different treat and helps me use up ripened fruit in new ways.” Some of her favorite renditions include: banana cream pie (!), strawberry cheesecake, and peanut butter chocolate. “It’s a recipe where the sum is truly equal to more than its humble parts,” Jawad says.

Get the recipe: Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

best healthy recipes 2023 chili
Photo: Downshiftology

2. Downshiftology: Best Ever Chili (No, Really)

In the famous words of Taylor Swift, there are few things that never go out of style: namely, a hearty and comforting chili. This is in part why Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology says her “best ever” chili recipe is—and forever will be—her favorite recipe. “You can’t go wrong with a bowl of classic chili. It’s the perfect one-pot meal that blends meaty richness with hearty vegetables and warming spices,” Bryan says. Plus, it’s packed with longevity-boosting beans packed with tons of fiber and protein.

If meal prepping is at the top of your 2024 “ins” list, we applaud you—and rest assured that Bryan says chili is the perfect recipe to make. “I also love that it’s meal prep-friendly, which means you can make a large batch, freeze leftovers, and easily reheat them in the future for a healthy meal at your fingertips,” she says. Plus, it’s all about the toppings anyway. Garnish with avocado, red onion, shredded cheese, sour cream, cilantro, you name it, to liven things up.

Get the recipe: Best Ever Chili

best healthy recipes 2023 taco salad
Photo: Wholesome Yum

3. Wholesome Yum: 20-Minute Taco-Inspired Salad

According to Maya Krampf, the recipe developer behind Wholesome Yum, her taco-inspired salad is among her favorite time-saving recipes. “This healthy taco salad was one of my most popular recipes last year—both on my site and in my own home,” Krampf says. So, why has it garnered so much attention? Well, the fact that it’s ready in just 20 minutes might be convincing enough. “It has all the flavor of traditional tacos, but uses common ingredients I almost always have on hand or can find at any grocery store. And it’s done in just 20 minutes, which makes it a go-to choice on busy weeknights,” Krampf says. Plus, it’s one easy way to add an extra serving of greens into your daily routine.

Get the recipe: Taco Salad

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