If You’re Pretty Healthy, Do You Still Need to Get a Physical Every Year?

The annual physical has long been billed as key to staying healthy. During this appointment, you can get blood work done, develop a better relationship with your doctor, and ideally catch health problems early on, which often makes treatments easier and outcomes better. But do these checkups need to happen yearly to deliver all those […]

While considered signs of a life well-lived, some people might want to soften the appearance of wrinkles and firm up their facial skin, which tends to lose elasticity and collagen as we age. And thanks to innovations in skin care, we no longer have to spend countless dollars and hours at the spa to lift, sculpt, and tone our faces. We can treat our skin to some TLC right in the comfort of our own homes.

Enter, the Nuface Trinity (originally $303, now $249.98), a handheld microcurrent facial toning device that’s beloved by celebrities and beauty enthusiasts (including W+G editors) alike. Using low-level electrical current (don’t worry, it’s low), it stimulates the facial muscles and, with consistent use, is said to result in a tighter and more lifted appearance. It takes all of five minutes per day to use at home, with visible results in as little as one month. Best of all, it’s being discounted at QVC for this week only.

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device w/ Aqua Gel — $249.98

Originally $303, now $249.98


  • Includes a NuFace Trinity Device, 1.69 oz. Aqua Activator, and charging cradle
  • Gentle microcurrent delivers sculpting, blurring, and smoothing of skin
  • Works instantly
  • Aesthetician created and tested


  • Results work best over time

A quick scroll on the Nuface website will uncover hundreds of happy customers singing its praises for stopping sagging in its tracks. The machine’s gentle waves are a game-changer for firming skin, tightening up areas that have lost elasticity while smoothing texture and reducing the look of fine lines.

I have been using it every day for almost a month and my skin looks tighter, more firm, and less saggy, one 45-year-old customer shares on the brand’s website. Others echo the sentiment, shocked by how well the Nuface Trinity actually works—not just another gimmicky gadget. Since I turned 50, my face just looks saggy and makes me feel and look older than I am. But since I started using the Nuface, the lines on my forehead are greatly reduced and my cheeks are lifted, writes another customer. I use it at least five times a week in the evenings while watching my favorite shows. I find it a calming way to relax before bed… If you make the commitment to use it, you will see visible results.

As mentioned, W+G staffers love this gizmo, too. Former W+G Beauty Editor Rachel Lapidos previously said it “obliterated” her facial puffiness in mere minutes in an in-depth review. Nora Grenfell, W+G’s Vice President of Audience Growth and Commerce, swears by its ability to lift and sculpt. “I wasn’t really expecting it to work but it made a visible difference right away,” she says. “The effects are definitely temporary at first but they’re supposed to increase as you go. I also just love the ritual as part of my self-care routine.”

As mentioned above, most Nuface users report better results with consistent use. Luckily, it’s ridiculously easy—and more importantly—safe to use at home. (You can use it while watching TV, reading a book, and even in bed before you fall asleep—talk about convenient.) To use, simply apply a thick layer of aqua gel (which is included in the starter kit), fire it up, then glide the device along your jawline, cheeks, forehead, and neck in upward motions. The device will emit a beep to indicate when to move onto the next spot and, when you’re done, you can pop it on its charging cradle until you’re ready to get your buzz on again. It’s that simple and, what’s more, customers have reported that the process is painless—as it should be when used correctly.

With the high praise the Nuface Trinity has received, it’s clear that it’s worth the investment, considering that an hour spa facial can cost anywhere from $150-$500 these days. Every dollar counts!

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