If You’re Stressed, Try Flipping Your Perspective Upside Down—Literally

You’re creating space in your spine—and your mind.

From gaping cups to digging underwire, the quest to find a comfortable and supportive bra is real. And for fellow members of the itty-bitty committee, it’s even more challenging to find a good bra (with all the boxes checked), no thanks to limited sizing. Yes, even people with small boobs need support and comfort, which is why we’re looking to wireless bras for smaller breasts.

Wireless bras fit like second skin and support in all the right places, providing both lift and coverage with comfort,” says Jaclyn Fu, the co-founder of Pepper. Contrary to popular assumptions about wireless bras, they’re actually supportive. Instead of wired bras, wireless options rely on alternative materials and design elements to shape and support, and they come with various levels of padding depending on your needs. What’s more? “They are smoothing and sleek for an invisible look that disappears under shirts,” says Fu. But finding the right one can be challenging, so here’s what to look for.

Best wireless bras for smaller breasts, at a glance:

What to look for in a wireless bra for smaller breasts


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