‘I’m a Professional Ballerina, and This Is the Bath Soak I Swear By for Treating My Sore Feet and Legs Between Back-to-Back Performances’

It’ll help you unwind in more ways than one.

For professional ballet dancer Isabella Boylston, sore muscles are par for the course. But the New York City-based ballerina, who has held the highest rank of principal with American Ballet Theatre for nearly a decade, has also perfected her recovery routine—including working with Tenoverten to formulate the ultimate bath soak for her sore muscles.

“I would go to the Tenoverten salon for pedicures,” Boylston says. “Ballerinas have to be careful when we get pedicures because we’ve spent our whole lives basically building up these calluses that we need to dance on pointe, so I’m very particular about where I’ll go, she explains, adding that she’s just as particular about her daily bath. “I take a bath at least once a day, sometimes twice a day, to help me either warm up for or recover from a long day of rehearsals or performances,” says Boylston, who was in the middle of rehearsals for American Ballet Theatre’s annual performances of The Nutcracker in California when we chatted.

That expertise helped Boylston in developing The Recovery Bath Soak ($28) with Tenoverten, an at-home mineral bath soak that includes dancer-favorite ingredients like Epsom salt and arnica extract.