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There are some beauty products that everyone raves about. You know the ones: the concealer that apparently all beauty influencers love, the foundation you see Instagram ads for 100 times a day, the lip oil you swear every single one of your friends suddenly owns.

Sure, it can be fun to hop on the latest bandwagon to see for yourself what all the hype is about. But personally, I’m more intrigued by the lesser-known finds—the ones that don’t have a zillion five-star reviews, but quietly earn their status as permanent staples in your routine.

That’s why my ears perked up when I heard a piece of insider intel from a recent QVC beauty event: According to a Tarte staffer, Maracuja Juicy Cream Blush is the brand’s most underrated product. You mean Shape Tape isn’t the only makeup essential worthy of wearing the most famous Tarte product crown? (Insert my audible gasp here.) Of course, Shape Tape concealer really is all it’s cracked up to be (the ultra creamy formula is my personal favorite), but as I was about to learn, the cream blush is a bona fide sleeper hit.

Here’s why: According to the Tarte staffer and independent esthetician Elena Duque, Maracuja Juicy Cream Blush possesses three qualities that are crucial in a cream formula. Keep reading for the expert take on why Tarte’s cream blush deserves a spot in your makeup bag—no matter what TikTok says is trending.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Cream Blush with Brush — $32.00


  • Comes with a brush ($60 value if purchased separately)
  • Contains hydrating ingredients for a dewy finish
  • Highly pigmented shades that blend well into many skin tones
  • Feels light on skin
  • Very easy to apply and blend


  • Currently only two shades are available

1. Cream blush is hydrating

In general, cream blush is more hydrating than powder blush, but Maracuja Juicy Cream Blush really takes it up a notch. “What sets this cream blush apart from others is the inclusion of maracuja oil,” Duque says. “This ingredient not only adds a subtle glow to the skin, but also provides hydration and nourishment to keep the cheeks looking healthy and plump.”

Bonus: Duque notes that because it’s so moisturizing, it can also be used on the lips to keep your makeup look in sync. And who doesn’t love a multitasking product?

2. It blends well

Usually when I opt to wear blush, my goal is to look gracefully flushed (or, in Duque’s words, to achieve “a youthful and fresh look”). But, the pink undertones in my complexion can quickly steer me into “are you just perpetually embarrassed?” territory if I’m not careful. That’s why I loved how easy it was to blend this blush into my skin, so my cheeks looked subtly rosy, not splotchy or streaky.

Duque can attest to that blendability from her own personal use, too (she has the product in shade Big Ego). “A well-formulated blush ensures that it seamlessly melds with the skin for a more natural and radiant finish,” she says. “The creaminess of the formula makes it incredibly easy to apply and blend, giving a natural and dewy finish to the cheeks.”

3. It has great color payoff

When weighing the pros and cons of powder vs. cream blush, cream blush usually gets points taken off for shorter wear time, according to Duque. Not in this case.

“Another standout feature of [this blush] is its long-lasting power,” Duque says. “Once applied, it stays put for hours without fading or patching, even in humid weather. This makes it perfect for all-day wear or special occasions when you need your makeup to last.”

Plus, the pigmentation is buildable and you can get a noticeable flush with just a little bit of product, another factor Duque recommends looking for in a blush. So if you start to hear more people buzzing about Tarte’s cream blush, don’t be surprised—it just means it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.

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