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Is it love… or is it just wishful thinking? Your weekly horoscope for June 16 to June 22, 2024 blurs the lines between fantasy and reality! Your inner romantic might crave a candlelit dinner and an evening exchanging sweet nothings with your lover when Venus in Gemini bumps into Neptune in Pisces on June 16.

While this all might sound like a fun time, it will also be easier to miss red flags in relationships and get carried away in your own idealized version of a person or situation. Later that day, Venus, the planet of relationships, enters sentimental Cancer. You might find yourself feeling more nostalgic in your relationships and singles could have the urge to find a forever-someone.

Love is in the air on June 16 thanks to the collision of Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces; but rose-colored glasses could mean missing relationship red flags.

On June 17, Mercury in Gemini rams into Neptune in Pisces, continuing the hazy energy from the day prior. This can feel like a temporary Mercury retrograde moment; miscommunication can take place and plans might get derailed. On the same day, Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Cancer, and you’re making decisions based on your intuition. You may also find your communication style is a bit moodier over the next few weeks. It’s hard to keep your feelings to yourself!

Sweet and encouraging sentiments are shared when Mercury and Venus link up in Cancer later in the day. This is an ideal time to tell someone you’re grateful for them or that you love them. You may also learn some news that leaves you feeling lucky, grateful, and supported. The sun in Gemini crashes into Neptune in Pisces on June 20, tracing over the steps of Venus and Mercury from earlier in the week. New information is illuminated: Perhaps you’re struck with a creative idea, or maybe you feel a bit more tired than normal. Don’t push yourself today.

Summer is finally here when the sun enters Cancer (which, BTW, always coincides with the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere) on June 20. The next few weeks are all about spending time with your chosen family and focusing on creating an environment for yourself that feels cozy, nourishing, and restorative. You may opt for staying in over late nights out with friends. It’s time to catch up on rest!

Conversations move along at a quicker pace when Mercury in Cancer mingles with Mars in Taurus on June 21. This is an aligned time for activism and advocacy work, and to take action on an idea that’s been percolating. The full moon in Capricorn lights up the sky on the same day, bringing some recognition for your hard work and insight regarding which goals you want to go after next. The week wraps up on June 22 with fated conversations taking place when Mercury in Cancer clashes into the North Node in Aries. Information you learn today folds into your destiny and can feel both jarring and illuminating—this all may feel overwhelming, but trust that this is the cosmos’ way of setting future you up for success!

To get a closer look at what these cosmic shifts have in store for you, read on to find your zodiac sign’s weekly horoscope for June 16-22, 2024 (and be sure to read for your sun sign and your rising sign for the most accurate forecast).

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Key astrological events for your weekly horoscope from June 16-22, 2024

  • Sunday, June 16: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • Sunday, June 16: Venus enters Cancer
  • Sunday, June 16: Moon enters Scorpio
  • Monday, June 17: Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • Monday, June 17: Mercury enters Cancer
  • Monday, June 17: Mercury in Cancer conjunct Venus in Cancer
  • Wednesday, June 19: Moon enters Sagittarius
  • Thursday, June 20: Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces
  • Thursday, June 20: Sun enters Cancer
  • Friday, June 21: Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus
  • Friday, June 21: Moon enters Capricorn
  • Friday, June 21: Full Moon in Capricorn
  • Saturday, June 22: Mercury in Cancer square North Node in Aries


aries horoscope slide

You’re grateful and feeling more stable and secure, Aries, when Venus enters Cancer on June 16. The next few weeks remind you that time alone and at home with loved ones is time well spent. It’s your job to tune out the noise and recharge! You may also want to beautify your space or consider getting new pillows or a cozy comforter to bundle up and unwind in.

A discussion leaves you feeling more confident and grateful when Mercury in Cancer links up with Mars in Taurus on June 21. Maybe a boss sings your praises, or a relative acknowledges how special you are. Whoever you’re speaking with brightens up your day and helps you feel reassured about the work you’re currently contributing to the world.

On the same day, there’s a full moon in Capricorn that encourages you to celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come. You may decide to step away from a particular career path to pursue something more meaningful or even decide to set boundaries at work. You could also receive a new job opportunity or experience a boost in your status and visibility!


taurus horoscope

You’re surrounded by sweet words, Taurus, once Venus enters Cancer on June 16. During the next few weeks, you have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating contracts and helping others understand your perspective and opinions. This is a supportive time to share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with others because they will be well received, valued, and appreciated!

You’re lost in your imagination when Mercury in Gemini rams into Neptune in Pisces on June 17. While this energy is incredibly creative, it can leave you over-romanticizing a situation or idea. Let your ideas marinate and sit with them before you decide to make any investments—both financial and energetically—moving forward.

On June 21, a full moon in Capricorn brings an important conversation to a climax. New information is revealed that may change the way you want to proceed. You could also show off some of your own expertise via a writing or speaking opportunity. And if you have the travel bug, now is a good time to book those tickets!


gemini horoscope

Here come all of the job opportunities you’ve been waiting for, Gemini, once Venus enters Cancer on June 16. Your bank account feels more reliable and stable over the next few weeks, and this is an aligned time to get back on track with your budget. You may also be tempted to indulge and spoil yourself a bit more from time to time; do so within reason!

Brace yourself for a temporary delay or disappointing news when Mercury, in your sign, rams into Saturn in Pisces on June 17. You may feel like sharing a new side of yourself with an important person in your life, but potentially might not get the reaction you were hoping for. The vibes are a bit off today, and it’s also possible your responsibilities might get in the way of a good time.

You’re doing some emotional heavy lifting under the full moon in Capricorn on June 21. This is a great time to engage in healing practices or do therapeutic work to process any stagnant feelings you’ve been ignoring. While this can be uncomfortable, it will help weed out what no longer serves you to create space for new beginnings to blossom.


cancer horoscope

Let the good times roll, Cancer, once Venus enters your sign on June 16! You’re the main character and people can’t seem to get enough of you. You’re attracting more work opportunities, compliments, and support for whatever you feel called to chase after. You could be ready to share exciting news on something you’ve been working on behind the scenes, too!

You’re hearing from the important people in your life once Mercury enters your sign on June 17. This is also your cosmic green light to focus on your personal projects and goals. You can come up with some new intriguing ideas that you’d like to pursue, and also feel like conversations and negotiations, especially in your work and romantic relationships, begin to pick up steam.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 21 shines a spotlight on your partnerships. Are your closest connections balanced? Or are you putting in more effort than someone else? You may need to clearly express your boundaries and stand up for yourself under these moonbeams. Singles might also decide to get into a committed partnership, and couples will explore a new layer in their relationship.


leo horoscope

You value your alone time more than ever, Leo, once Venus enters Cancer on June 16. The next few weeks remind you that when you spend time alone, in your own energy, your intuition grows louder and more accurate. You may also decide to work on a creative project behind the scenes. You’re also feeling more nostalgic when it comes to matters of the heart either by romanticizing an ex or going down memory lane with your current partner.

Try not to overdo it once Mercury enters Cancer on June 17. You might feel emotionally and physically taxed as you’re overextending yourself to juggle your various commitments in your personal and professional life. This is a test from the universe that requires you to set healthy boundaries. You’ll also want to pay attention to your dreams—your next big idea might come through when you least expect it!

The full moon in Capricorn on June 21 brings the end or turning point to a major ongoing project that’s taken up a fair amount of your time and energy. This is also a powerful day to change up your daily routine and kick stubborn habits that you’re ready to release.


virgo horoscope

Your skill and talents are on display, Virgo, when Venus in Gemini connects with Neptune in Pisces on June 16. You can charm your way to the top! You may also use some of your creative talent in your professional life or simply notice that others seem to be attracted to you like a moth to a flame. Go ahead and soak up the spotlight, you deserve it!

Conversations leave you feeling hopeful once Mercury enters Cancer on June 17. Over the next few weeks a friend could introduce you to someone in their network who can help bring about some of your dreams! This is also a busier time for your social calendar, so try not to overbook yourself. You’re in high demand!

The full moon in Capricorn on June 21 encourages you to find time for your joy in your everyday life. What’s the point of reaching the top and all of your accomplishments if you’re not having fun along the way? You might recommit to a creative project or consider finding time for a hobby from your youth that used to make you smile at this time.


libra horoscope

Conversations might feel a little more emotional this week, Libra, when Venus in Gemini bumps into Neptune in Pisces on June 16. You could learn some disappointing news, or maybe you’re feeling low energy. It’s also possible that miscommunication leads to missed appointments or confusions in your daily schedule. This isn’t the best day to make informed decisions; your head may be lost in the clouds!

All eyes are on you once Venus enters Cancer later in the day. The next few weeks bring attention, honors, and accomplishments your way. For some, this might look like a raise at work and for others this may mean going viral on the internet! Either way, others are mesmerized by what you have to say. Use this extra charm to your advantage!

On June 21, a full moon in Capricorn brings about a major turning point in your personal life. You may decide to move, experience a breakthrough with a family member, or feel ready to break free from your past once and for all. This is also an important time to establish healthy boundaries between your professional and private lives.


scorpio horoscope

The news you’ve been waiting for finally arrives this week, Scorpio! Venus, the planet of support and relationships, enters Cancer on June 16 and you’re feeling more hopeful about what the future holds. The next few weeks lend you extra tact and charm when it comes to communicating, so don’t be afraid to state your worth and shoot for the stars! You may also consider booking some travel plans, or decide to go back to school.

You’re ready to take the next step with a romantic partner when Venus in Cancer links up with Mars in Taurus on June 21. This is a productive day to discuss future plans with a lover or collaborator. Sharing your ideas with others may also bring about some rapid results and this is a dynamic time for working with clients, negotiating new contracts, and lively conversations with an important person in your life.

On the same day, the full moon in Capricorn urges you to share what’s on your mind. You may need to set boundaries with someone in order to establish more balance in your life. If you’ve been learning something new, you may also feel more confident in your skills or even decide to book some travel. Conversations today reach a turning point and help to illuminate your next step.


sagittarius horoscope

You’re feeling more sentimental than normal, Sagittarius, when Venus in Gemini rams into Neptune in Pisces on June 16. You’re either over-idealizing someone in your life and missing a few red flags, or letting anxiety get the best of you. This energy can make you feel more sensitive and also encourage you to jump to conclusions. You’re not able to discern people’s true motives today, so give yourself ample time before you make any important decisions.

You may land a new work contract or raise when Mercury and Venus, both in Cancer, sync up in the sky on June 17. You might also pay down some debt or feel like you’re back on track with your budget. Emotionally, spending time with some of your more painful memories and emotions can spark a breakthrough and help you find a solution you’ve been seeking.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 21 brings a financial situation to a climax. If you’ve been juggling too many projects, perhaps you’re ready to step away from certain contracts to find a healthier work-life balance. You may also accept or decline a new job opportunity, or perhaps you’re making a major purchase. Treat yourself: You’ve worked hard to get here!


capricorn horoscope

Relationships are your focus, Capricorn, when Venus, the planet of harmony and connection, enters Cancer on June 16. The next few weeks put a spotlight on your closest ties—from BFFs to family members to romantic interests. You might feel more grateful and enamored with the people who show up and support you. This can be a sweet time to take the next step in a committed relationship, and also bodes well for contract and client relationships, as well.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, follows suit and enters Cancer on June 17. You’ll put more of your mental energy into the matters of others over the coming weeks. Perhaps someone in your life is moving through a challenging situation and is texting you for support and advice more often. This can also be a busier time for collaborative projects, and new work opportunities might land in your inbox.

You’re ready to rebalance the scales in your love life under the full moon in Capricorn on June 21. This is your yearly reset to not only release old versions of yourself and show the world a more authentic side of yourself, but you’re also ready to stand up for your needs and desires. If you’ve been pulling more weight than a lover or someone important in your life, don’t shy away from advocating for what you deserve!


aquarius horoscope

You’re finding peace in the simple pleasures life has to offer, Aquarius, once Venus enters Cancer on June 16. Coupled Aquarians want to spend quality time with their lovers doing everyday tasks like grocery shopping, or cooking up a nourishing meal in the kitchen. It’s the small, daily efforts that matter in the long run. Aquarian singles may meet someone in a boring place, like in line at the DMV, or at the bank. You’ll also feel more supported in your daily routine, as though you’ve finally found a healthy balance between work and play.

You’ve been working hard and recognition finally arrives on June 17 when Mercury and Venus conjoin in Cancer. This could look like a company-wide email acknowledging your efforts and talents or maybe even a raise. The simplest of compliments might also touch you in a surprising way.

The full moon in Capricorn invites you to be raw and honest with yourself about patterns and behaviors you’ve been ignoring. What can you edit out of your daily routine in order to lead a healthier lifestyle? You may also experience an ending of sorts, which can feel emotionally taxing. Nourish your body and your mind. Resist FOMO and rest unapologetically.


pisces horoscope

Luck is on your side, Pisces, once Venus, the planet of blessings and relationships, enters Cancer on June 16. People will be magnetized to your aura! This is a productive time for you to share your talents, ideas, and wishes with the world. Others will show up to support you during this time. And if you’re single and ready to put yourself back out there, this can be a busy and lucky time for dating different fish in the sea.

You’re ready to move forward on a creative project when Mercury in Cancer mingles with Mars in Taurus on June 21. You might be hit with a creative spark, or have a conversation with someone that leaves you feeling inspired and confident to go after what you want—take advantage of this artistic energy!

On the same day, there’s a full moon in Capricorn that brings your attention to your hopes and dreams for the future. A goal may be realized, or perhaps you’re attending an event that leaves you buzzing and excited about the future. You may also experience changes in who you choose to socialize with and feel called to spend time with people who share your values and interests.

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