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Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day can feel like a whole lotta pressure. For singles, there’s the pressure of not having a date lined up; for couples, there’s the pressure to out-perform last year’s V-Day festivities. Sure, the holiday can be a lovely opportunity for partners to shower each other with love, at its best. But at its worst, it can be an anxiety-inducing maelstrom of double-booked dinner reservations and ill-received gifts. And if astrology has anything to say about it, this Valentine’s Day could look a little more like the latter… given the cosmic milieu isn’t exactly on par with lovey-dovey vibes.

In fact, astrologers say you won’t be missing out on romance if you’re among those who decide to skip V-Day this year—which, to be clear, will likely be a significant number of people: A survey of nearly 2,000 people conducted by eharmony this January found that 62 percent of single Millennial respondents no longer care about the holiday. And that’s fitting because a red-hot Mars-Pluto conjunction taking place on February 13 could spell trouble for love come this Valentine’s Day.

Looking to better align your celebration of love with the stars this month? You’d be wise to postpone it until February 21, when fiery, passionate Mars and Venus, the planet of love, will form a supportive conjunction in Aquarius.

Why the astrology of Valentine’s Day isn’t so great for love…

Beginning on the evening of February 13 and leading into Valentine’s Day, the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius will add an extra layer of pressure to the high stakes that can accompany the holiday. The TL;DR? Pluto (the planet associated with death, rebirth, and subversiveness) will come into close alignment with Mars, butting heads with the Red Planet’s aggressive nature.

“When it comes together with Pluto, that [combative] part of Mars is magnified,” says astrologer Stefanie Weiss, adding that this transit will make petty conflicts more likely to arise, which “is just not conducive to all the things that we associate with Valentine’s Day.”

While you don’t need to cancel any concrete plans you’ve already made for Valentine’s Day, Weiss suggests snuggling up at home instead, if that’s still an option. And if you do end up going out, just be prepared for the potential of conflict. The combative energy of Mars and Pluto coming together could raise the energetic temperature of the night, leading to bickering spells between you and a partner or tense interactions where there normally wouldn’t be.

“It’s best to expect the unexpected [on February 14],” warns Weiss, who suggests we all be extra patient that evening and take sour attitudes from others with a grain of salt.

…and why February 21 is totally ripe for romance

Following the Mars-Pluto conjunction comes a (much more positive) Mars-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. This transit combines the passion and sexual energy of Mars with the love and harmony of Venus, resulting in heightened feelings of love and eroticism. “Whenever Venus and Mars come together, they create a conjunction that has the power to influence your love life in pivotal ways, whether you’re single, dating, or in a committed relationship,” says astrologer Ryan Marquardt.

Add in the fact that this conjunction is occurring in the unconventional sign of Aquarius, and this is an especially opportune time to explore a new kink or think outside of the box sexually, says Weiss. Similarly, this energy can inspire you to experiment with your relationship dynamics more broadly, says Marquardt. “Love can feel like a fun chemistry experiment right now—you’re mixing and matching certain elements together to figure out what works and what doesn’t.”

“Love can feel like a fun chemistry experiment [on February 21]—you’re mixing and matching certain elements together to figure out what works and what doesn’t.” —Ryan Marquardt, astrologer

Below, astrologers share what to expect for your zodiac sign if you move your Valentine’s Day plans to February 21, when the astrology of the day includes the sexy Mars-Venus conjunction. Note: In order to get the most accurate astrological insights, read the horoscopes for both your sun sign and your rising sign. (Your rising sign determines the order of the astrological houses in your birth chart, meaning it’ll also determine where any current transit will interact with your chart—and how it’ll affect you.)

What to expect for your zodiac sign from the romantic vibes on February 21


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Who better to shower with love this month than your friends, Aries? The Mars-Venus conjunction on February 21 will occur in your 11th house, which governs your social circle. Your love life and friendships could become intertwined at this point, and if you’re single, group hangs may result in you meeting a new romantic prospect.

If you’re in a relationship, scheduling a group outing with another couple or two could reignite the spark in your own partnership, leading you to draw connections between the traits you love about your friends and the ones you cherish most about your partner.

In ~spicier~ news, this transit could illuminate the romantic or sexual chemistry hidden beneath the surface of existing friendships. “If you’re single, don’t be shocked if you start noticing one of your platonic relationships start developing into something more,” says Marquardt. “This [transit] could be perfect for a friends-to-lovers story.” Whew! Is it hot in here?


Does your “work husband” have boyfriend potential, Taurus? The upcoming Mars-Venus conjunction might be able to help you figure that out, as it takes place in your 10th house of career and “could bring a sudden workplace romance into your life,” says Marquardt. (Dating a coworker comes with a unique set of challenges and ethical implications, though, so if you do dare to explore your workplace flirtationship, tread lightly.)

This conjunction can also highlight other intersections of love and career in your life. You might find that your partner is doing more to support your professional ambitions, or you could cross paths with someone at a bar whose career piques your interest, says Marquardt.

Because the 10th house also deals with public image, you’d be wise to spend the evening of February 21 getting dolled up and hitting the town, says Weiss. You could find the attention or praise you’re craving with a celebratory evening out, whether with a friend or a lover.


Variety is the spice of life—and wow, do you know it on February 21, Gemini. The Mars-Venus conjunction will take place in your ninth house, which rules over travel, adventure, and new experiences. “You’ll be irresistibly drawn to people who share your enthusiasm for exploration and intellectual pursuits,” says Marquardt, who notes that you can find romance through travel or engaging in new activities in settings that expose you to different cultures or philosophies.

In turn, Weiss recommends booking a last-minute getaway with a friend or lover for the night of February 21 (or the following weekend), even if it’s a one-night staycation at a local hotel or an afternoon hike on the edge of town.

If you’re single, this is also a great day to get out of your comfort zone and try something new: Challenge yourself to a beginner’s boxing class, or take yourself out to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant you’ve been meaning to try—you might just meet someone special on a solo outing, says Marquardt. Not to mention, broadening your horizons could elicit a major self-esteem boost, leaving you feeling sexy and daring as ever.


You have a reputation for being sensitive, Cancer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing—in fact, your emotional sensitivity can be a superpower that enables you to connect with others on a deep level. And that’s especially true on February 21, as the Mars-Venus conjunction occurs in your eighth house of intimacy and transformation.

There’s the “potential for you to reach levels of intimacy that you have never reached before,” says Weiss, whether it’s with an existing partner or yourself. Translation: This is a night for having. all. the. sex.

Because the eighth house is also associated with mystery and transformation, you might find yourself drawn to certain taboos or people with an air of mystique about them. You tend to be a creature of habit, but stepping out of your comfort zone could unleash a deeper level of eroticism and sensuality on this day, says Marquardt.


Because the Mars-Venus conjunction will highlight your seventh house, your romantic relationships will be front and center on February 21, Leo. As such, you’re expected to have the greatest chance of all the signs at finding a new love interest or growing your current relationship through new experiences, says Marquardt.

If you’re partnered, having your relationship in the cosmic spotlight this month might sound like a lot of pressure, but really, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your chemistry, says Marquardt. Be open to new, unconventional ideas of what your relationship could look like—and challenge any ideas you’ve outgrown about what a relationship should look like.

“You’re radiating charisma, and it’s impossible for others to look away,” adds Marquardt. Embrace the fire and confidence of your lion sign: “Be fearless, and show your heart!”


As the ultimate planner of the zodiac, you’ll be delighted to learn that the hot Mars-Venus conjunction occurs in your sixth house of daily routines, rituals, and work, Virgo. In turn, February 21 will be a great day to slow down and take notice of the love that appears in your everyday life, says Marquardt. “If you’re in a relationship, you might catch a glimpse of the sunlight hitting your partner, and that moment could feel like it stretches out for an eternity,” he says. “Mundane acts like taking a walk or doing dishes together can help the romance flourish.”

If you’re single, take notice of the people you encounter throughout your daily routines, like the cute barista at your local coffee shop or the scruffy DILF that’s new to your yoga class, says Marquardt. Romance isn’t only found in grand, expensive gestures made by model-esque types: The potential for love is all around you.

Because the sixth house deals with your daily habits, you may also want to shake up your usual sexual rituals, says Weiss. Consider trying out a new bottle of warming lube or introducing a new rumbly sex toy into your rotation.


Love isn’t all serious business—least of all for you, Libra! You’ll likely find yourself feeling rather playful on February 21 as the Mars-Venus conjunction occurs in your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, and joy. This is a great day to experiment with fun in your sex life, says Weiss. Try your hand at costumed role play in the bedroom, or take a date on a spirited adventure, perhaps to ride go-karts or see a thriller movie.

If you’re single, you could feel flirtier than ever. “You have the biggest chance of finding viable dating options now, as long as you remain optimistic and show off your authentic self,” says Marquardt.

Since your creativity will also be firing on all cylinders, consider using that energy to revisit artistic pursuits old and new. Leaning into your creative side will reinforce your identity and sense of self, leaving you feeling more confident in who you are and your passions, says Marquardt. (And what’s sexier than that?!)


Home is where the heart is, Scorpio—or at least, it will be for you on February 21. The Mars-Venus conjunction will occur in your fourth house of home, making this a great day to up the ante when it comes to your home’s sex appeal. Amp up the seduction factor of your bedroom, focusing on ways you can make your space feel sensual, suggests Weiss. Lighting candles, swapping out your flannel bed sheets for a silky set, or diffusing aromatic essential oils can help you take advantage of the cosmic event, she says.

If you’re in a relationship, opt for a night in with your partner, suggests Marquardt. Get some comfort food delivered, cozy up with a zillion blankets, and pop on a movie. This day will have you contemplating all the ways your partner feels like “home” to you.

“You might also be considering how your love life was influenced by your upbringing and the examples of relationships that surrounded you when you were young,” says Marquardt. “There could be a desire to break free from the relationship expectations that your family imprinted within you, and you feel ready to redefine love on your own terms.”


How’s your dirty talk, Sagittarius? The Mars-Venus conjunction on February 21 will happen in your third house, which governs communication, language, and intellect. As such, you’ll be eager to have your mind stimulated with new ideas and lively conversations, says Marquardt. “Love can effortlessly emerge by engaging in discussions or healthy debates, especially if the topics are eccentric and unusual.”

This day is also ripe for exploring the role that language and communication plays in your sexuality, says Weiss. Consider turning on a spicy erotic audio playlist, or crack open a steamy romance novel. If you have someone special in your life, try sending them naughty texts throughout the day, letting them know just how hot they make you and how excited you are to see them later. When you’re back together again, keep the conversation flowing in the sheets, too (*winking face emoji*).


You work so hard in almost every area of your life, Capricorn—it’s time to drop your shoulders and let yourself indulge in the finer things. With the Mars-Venus conjunction happening in your second house of status, money, and earning, you could feel a strong desire for decadence come February 21. Treat yourself (and your partner, if you have one) to something luxe just for the joy of it. Long-stemmed roses and gourmet chocolates will do, but so will less material displays of affection: “It’s also about what makes you feel sexually rich,” says Weiss.

According to Marquardt, this transit will also shine a light on how you value yourself and your worth within your relationships. “You might be doing some radical self-love, which is helping you feel more valuable in romance,” he says. “Relationships require us to give of ourselves, and you’re getting clear about what you’re willing to invest into someone else.”


All eyes are on you, Aquarius! With the Mars-Venus conjunction occurring in your first house of self (which governs the body, outward appearance, and ego), you’re likely to get an extra dose of positive attention from others, says Marquardt.

“You have the ‘it’ factor that people are naturally attracted to during the Mars-Venus conjunction,” Marquardt explains. If you’re in a relationship, don’t be surprised if your romantic partner showers you with more affection and appreciation than usual; and if you’re single, multiple people could very well come out of the woodwork to voice their interest in you.

Because the first house governs the physical self, Weiss suggests using this time to focus on becoming more in tune with your body. You are notoriously intellectual and can get caught up in your thoughts, disregarding your body by proxy. So, use this day to try a few embodiment practices like yoga or dancing to reconnect to your physical (and sexual) self.


As the daydreamer of the zodiac, you’ll be happy to learn that the Mars-Venus conjunction will occur in your 12th house of dreams and intuition, Pisces. February 21 will present a perfect opportunity for you to lean into your sexual fantasies and let your imagination run wild in areas of love and romance. “You’ll feel deeply connected to your inner world,” explains Marquardt. “It’s a great time to envision the role that romance plays in your life and express your unique idea of love through spiritual and intuitive pursuits.”

What might that look like, exactly? If you’re in a committed relationship, use this day as an opportunity to unplug from the rest of the world and exchange your deepest desires and even your sexual fantasies with a partner, says Weiss. You’ll feel more open than usual to intimate conversation and vulnerability.

If you’re single, Marquardt suggests partaking in mindful, spiritual activities like meditation, breathwork, or a sound bath. “If you’re going to find love right now, it’s not going to be in a typical way‚” he says. “Surrender to your feelings, and trust that the universe will show you how beautiful and unpredictable love can be.”

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