This Is the 2-Product Combo That Gives Me 5-Minute No-Makeup Makeup Every Morning

Keep it simple.

My college morning routine: Wake up at 10:15. Throw on a big tee shirt and running shorts. Brush my teeth. Sprint across campus to my 10:30 class and hope I’m not *too* late.

Needless to say, things look a little different these days—and that old regimen isn’t exactly socially acceptable. Now, I wake up at 6:15, slide into an activewear set, walk to yoga, shower, and eat breakfast, all before getting ready for work. And yet somehow I still feel just as rushed as I did in college (the GRWM peeps on TikTok could never)—and I find myself on a constant hunt for ways to simplify and optimize my morning routine.

When it comes to makeup, I’ve never really evolved past the basics (translation: unlike a few of my friends, I’m not about to go for freckle tattoos, no matter how trendy they are). I want to look alive for work and whatever else the day brings, but I’m not inclined to spend treasured minutes—or lots of money—on a lengthy lineup of cosmetics.

That’s why I’ve fallen into a quick, Zoom-friendly, no-makeup makeup look that only requires two products: the It Cosmetics CC+ cream foundation and sun blush. PSA: Today only, they’re both on sale (with a cream blush brush included) for $50 total, which is a total steal considering the foundation by itself costs $53 at full price.

IT Cosmetics CC+Cream Foundation + Sun Blush w/ Brush — $50.00

Originally $61, now $50


  • Can achieve a quick no-makeup makeup look with these two products
  • Comes with a brush made specifically for cream blush
  • Foundation contains SPF 50+ and skin-care ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin E
  • Foundation comes in a wide range of shades
  • Blush doubles as a highlighter


  • Won’t provide a super “glam,” full-coverage look, if that’s what you’re going for
  • Can’t choose your own blush color

Like I said, makeup has never been my forte. I used to dread applying foundation before nights out or work events, because somehow it always seemed to end up cakey and visible on my face. My hack became mixing my moisturizer with a little liquid bronzer and going in heavy with my favorite concealer (Tarte’s shape tape, obviously).

But this foundation has been a total game-changer for me. The finish looks so natural, even the most scrutinizing eye can’t tell I have makeup on. My roommate commented that I was having a “good skin week” when I first started wearing it—um, yeah.

I’m hooked, and apparently it’s not just me. Makeup artist Isabel Y Rosado is all in on this It Cosmetics makeup look, too (as are other Well+Good editors). “It differs [from other foundations] as it is a color-correcting foundation,” she says. “Its technology helps with blemishes, redness, shallowness, and dullness. It also has skin-care benefits to help even skin tone, brighten, and help with dark spots and SPF. It is proven to improve the look of bare skin and texture over time.” It’s also a buildable formula, which means I can add an extra pump to my blending sponge on days when I want a little more coverage.

After applying the foundation, I finish my two-step process with blush. This creamy formula, which Rosado says leaves you looking like you’re blushing from within, has a bit of sparkle to it. With a little help from the cream blush brush, my sun blossom shade blends so easily and gives me a light-catching glow, almost like a highlighting powder.

And then… that’s it. I’m ready to take on the work day feeling appropriately bright-faced and put together, without making a mess in the bathroom or wasting precious morning minutes. I’m devoting that time to cooking a yummy breakfast and cranking up my good-vibes playlist instead—so much better than my college routine.

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