This January, I’m Committing to Becoming a Bath Person—And These Are the Products That Are Giving Me All the Self-Care Vibes

Hello, at-home spa.

Oookay, January. Somehow, it seems to sneak up more and more suddenly every year—and with it, my annual recommitment to slowing down and actually giving self care a try. This year, that goal feels more daunting than ever, because I recently welcomed a little person into the world, which means I’m not exactly winning in the whole “make time for me” arena.

But I also know—especially considering this major life change—that self care has never been more important. And by the end of every snuggles- and sniffles-filled day, I’m in desperate need of a little wind-down. So, this January, I decided to shed my 60-second shower tendencies (thank you, summer camp) for an evening bath routine, complete with some seriously luxurious bath products.

Bath skeptics, I see you. (I was you!) But after witnessing how a low-lit, warm tub sesh totally Zens out my fussy baby night after night, I figured some of this calming magic must work on full-size humans, too. Turns out it does—I’ve come to find that the routine helps me reflect with gratitude on the day, let go of stressors, settle in for a sound sleep, and check off a quick skin-care routine while I’m at it.

Some nights, it’s a five-minute dip after my daughter goes down. Other times, I light all the dreamy candles, turn on my favorite acoustic playlist, and make my “do not disturb” desires known. No matter what the routine looks like from day to day, it doesn’t take long to activate all the self-care vibes with just a few spa-worthy essentials.

If you, like me, are wanting to carve out an extra minute or two for self care this year, let this be your inspo. And if you need a little help actually making the nightly soak a reality, check out the luxurious bath products I’m loving, all of which you can snag (and save big on) at QVC. Warning: You *might* just become a bath person, too.

Shop Luxurious Bath Products

L’Occitane Shea Bubble Bath — $42.00

Dim the lights and find that perfect water temperature (IMO, the hotter the better). As I run the faucet, I add a dash of this milky bath soak and watch it transform into a rich, softening foam. If you’re anything like me, you’ll let wafts of shea butter transport you far, far away as you slide in.

Beekman 1802 Assorted Goat Milk Bar Soap Collection — $40.00

Open to the idea of a nightly bath but think it sounds a little… monotonous? This set of eight bar soaps, made with nourishing ingredients like creamy goat milk and plant oils, serves up a variety of scents like lavender, lemon, and lilac to suit whatever mood you’re in. Massage the bar onto your skin, and then close your eyes and enjoy the aromatherapy scent of the day.

philosophy microdelivery face wash — $74.00

These days, my skin-care routine looks a lot like washing my face—if I’m lucky—and that’s it. This gentle, exfoliating cleanser, which helps polish skin and scrub away impurities and buildup, makes the job simple and *so* satisfying… and I can already tell it’s encouraging my inner radiance. I like using it while I’m reclining in my bubbly bliss, and I never skimp on the suggested minute-long facial massage.

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Superior Zero Twist Cotton Waffle Honeycomb Bath Towels — $50.00

The bath is only as good as the heavenly towels you wrap yourself in as the water drains—and this thick, 100-percent cotton waffle set has you covered (um, literally). The highlight of my day? Snuggling up in one of these and lingering in my steamy bathroom for as looong as possible.

Josie Maran Vanilla Almond Whipped Argan Body Butter Duo — $68.00

Nothing quite compares to that post-soak feeling, so I’m all about prolonging it (and nourishing my skin in the process) with a quick body-butter lather. I’ve been loving how luxe this body moisturizer feels, and because it’s made with ingredients like argan oil, antioxidants, and Madagascar vanilla, it earns a QVC Clean Beauty seal.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion — $62.00

Before slithering into bed, I’ve been devoting one final self-care moment to my newly fresh (and less stressed) face. This dermatologist-developed lotion helps improve hydration and leaves my skin glowing. What better way to prepare for eight hours (in my dreams with a baby, but here’s hoping!) of bath-induced shuteye?

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