Your Weekly Horoscope for June 9 to June 15, 2024

The cosmos gifts us an opportunity for healing and boundary-setting this week; act accordingly!

Your weekly horoscope for June 9 to 15, 2024, starts out on a somber note when the sun in Gemini rams into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. You may need to exercise your patience as you encounter setbacks or disappointing news. This energy is anything but lighthearted, and can even kick up temporary feelings of depression or rejection. You may also reconsider commitments and boundaries you set around February 28, the last time the sun and Saturn met in the sky. Today, your responsibilities outweigh whatever fun you had planned.

This week’s horoscope starts out on a somber note; thankfully, June 12 ushers in a period of healing when the sun in Gemini mingles with Chiron in Aries.

On the same day, you’re making a decision or learning news that feels fated when Mercury in Gemini links up with the north node in Aries. Conversations that take place on this day will help illuminate the next steps on your path. The skies intensify on June 11 when Mars in Taurus clashes into Pluto in Aquarius. You could deal with power struggles, bruised egos, and struggle to relinquish control. This energy is triggering and may cause you to act out compulsively based on your fears.

Fortunately, the sun in Gemini mingles with Chiron in Aries the following day, on June 12, bringing a soothing energy. Healing is possible when we choose to accept all aspects of ourselves—the good, the bad, and the ugly. On the same day, communication is direct, short, and stern when Mercury in Gemini bumps into Saturn in Pisces. This reactivates a storyline from June 9 when the sun met with Saturn. Today, you may need to set boundaries or make a decision about a topic that emerged at the beginning of the week.

Healing conversations take place on June 13 when Mercury in Gemini connects with Chiron in Aries. Sharing your honest and vulnerable feelings can deliver a sense of relief and support. The first quarter moon in Virgo on the same day encourages you to take action or make a decision. This brings you back to the new moon in Gemini that took place on June 6. What seeds did you plant? Now’s the time to take the first step in your action plan.

The week ends with an important realization once the sun in Gemini meets with Mercury in Gemini at the same point in the sky. This is a powerful day for using your voice to effect change, to learn something new, share your personal perspective, and for dynamic and exciting developments in any ongoing discussions or negotiations.

To get a closer look at what these cosmic shifts have in store for you, read on to find your zodiac sign’s weekly horoscope for June 9 to 15, 2024 (and be sure to read for your sun sign and your rising sign for the most accurate forecast).

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Key astrological events for your weekly horoscope from June 9 to 15, 2024

  • Sunday, June 9: Sun in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces
  • Sunday, June 9: Mercury in Gemini sextile North Node in Aries
  • Tuesday, June 11: Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius
  • Wednesday, June 12: Mercury in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces
  • Wednesday, June 12: Sun in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries
  • Thursday, June 13: Mercury in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries
  • Thursday, June 13: First Quarter Moon in Virgo
  • Friday, June 14: Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury in Gemini

Weekly horoscope by zodiac sign for June 9 to June 15, 2024


aries horoscope slide

What you share today might disappoint others, Aries, but you deserve to set boundaries when the sun in Gemini links up with Saturn in Pisces on June 9. You may also simply feel like you’ve hit a wall. You’re juggling a lot right now; remember that it’s more than okay to tell others “no” and to give yourself time to rest and recharge.

You’re becoming more aware of your own limits when Mars in Taurus bumps into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. There may be people in your network who have ulterior motives or who keep you around to watch your every move. You may need to confront hidden power dynamics in your social circle or realize there’s a severe difference of values between you and someone else today.

You finally land on a solution to an ongoing problem when the sun and Mercury, both in Gemini, meet up on June 14. Your mind is sharp and agile today, and your ideas impress everyone around you. This is the day to share your elevator pitch and apply for that job; others are drawn to what you have to say.


taurus horoscope

You’re getting serious about one of your dreams,Taurus, when the sun in Gemini bumps into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. You may decide to pour more of your own resources into a passion project, even if it feels like a long-shot! If you’re waiting on news about a raise or funding for a project, you may encounter some temporary setbacks: Don’t give up just yet.

You might feel like you rub other people the wrong way when Mars, in your sign, slams into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. Know that living your truth and showing up authentically will set you free, even if you run into other people’s projections along the way. You may also find yourself getting into a public battle with a boss, authority figure, or someone on social media.

June 14 is a great day to rework your budget. You may experience an epiphany about the way you support yourself and make money. If you’ve been dreaming of launching a particular side hustle, today’s a great day for brainstorming or taking the first step. You may also learn some exciting news about a promotion, raise, or just feel a deeper sense of confidence and security, both personally and financially.


gemini horoscope

You’re showing the world a more responsible version of yourself, Gemini, when the sun, in your sign, bumps into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. A commitment you made is also starting to pay off, and important people are noticing the impact your hard work has had! On the flip side, you might need to set boundaries around your personal time and professional responsibilities. Sure, your talent is shining bright, but that doesn’t mean your boss is granted an all-access pass to you 24/7!

It’s easy to get caught up on your limiting beliefs when Mars in Taurus slams into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. Try not to be too hard on yourself, especially if you’re already feeling worn down. It’s very possible that all you need is rest. Remember: Not all of your thoughts are rooted in truths. Try to carve out time for meditation or a spiritual practice to quiet your inner mind.

You have important news to share with the world when the sun and Mercury meet in your sign on June 14! This is your day to take up space, be the main character, and feel confident revealing new sides of yourself to others. You could also learn some lucky news about a personal goal you set for yourself or project you’re working on. This can also be a fun day to experiment and express yourself through your style.


cancer horoscope

Letting go is hard to do, Cancer, but it’s your cosmic responsibility on June 9 when the sun in Gemini is at odds with Saturn in Pisces. You’re the one delivering reality checks to yourself today, and recognizing who and what no longer serves your highest good and interests. This energy is supportive for breaking old habits, expressing your boundaries, and committing to a spiritual practice.

You might find yourself getting into a few fights with friends when Mars in Taurus bumps into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. People in your circle who are power hungry or want to have close proximity to you for your connections will reveal themselves. Hidden information might also come to light that is triggering in some way, and it may be time to confront someone who’s taking advantage of your generosity.

Keep a pen and paper next to your bed when the sun and Mercury link up in Gemini on June 14. Messages in your dreams will be incredibly healing and illuminating, delivering answers you’ve been seeking. You might also have a surge of new creative ideas come through, and decide on something you’d like to work on behind the scenes before you announce your next project to the world.


leo horoscope

You’re going after a new goal, Leo, but you’re also more aware of how much dedication and commitment this new venture will require when the sun in Gemini bumps into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. If you need to raise funds for a project, mutual aid, or any type of support or buy-in, you could encounter some temporary delays today. Giving yourself more time to draft a plan will benefit you in the long run.

You’re brushing up against the competition when Mars in Taurus rams into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. This is not the day to make friends or exchange platitudes. It’s very possible people are wearing their insecurities on their sleeves—including you! You might also face some power struggles in a close relationship, especially if you’re pouring a lot of your energy into work or a personal goal. A partner might try to guilt you or go on a power trip. Beware of toxic patterns popping up!

A lucky breakthrough finds you on June 14 when the sun and Mercury team up in Gemini. Your next big idea could lead to your next big break! You could also network with someone important or receive an invitation to collaborate on something exciting. The energy is carefree and social, and encourages you to speak your mind about what matters most to you.


virgo horoscope

You’re no stranger to responsibility, Virgo, and you’re showing off your wisdom and accomplishments when the sun in Gemini slams into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. You could take on more responsibility at work or in your personal life, like accepting a promotion, or helping a family member out during the week. This is also an important day to honor your boundaries and find a balance between being generous and self-sacrificing.

A few triggers might pop up throughout your day when Mars in Taurus rams into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. Conversations feel tense and triggering. You may need to unearth some of your deeper feelings that you’ve been avoiding sharing. You might also have to set some boundaries at work or with people who just assume you’ll fix their every problem and mess.

Is your life path still fulfilling? This question may come up when the sun and Mercury team up in Gemini on June 14. You may realize that there’s a different career path you’d like to explore; maybe you’re done working altogether and wish to focus on volunteering. Today, you’re searching for your life’s purpose and want to ensure your legacy is memorable and fulfilling. You could also learn some important news about your job or any goals you’re focused on.


libra horoscope

Are your daily commitments getting the best of you, Libra? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how much is on your plate, this is a great day to ask for help when the sun in Gemini bumps into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. You may also want to set clear expectations around your daily routine with the important people in your life. Just because you have some free time doesn’t mean you can add more to your plate; protect your peace, give yourself time to recharge, and spend that downtime doing what you enjoy, if possible.

Look out for simmering feelings of jealousy, envy, or even projection when Mars in Taurus rams into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. Some darker dynamics in your close relationships can rear their ugly heads. If any unhealthy or toxic power struggles exist in your romantic or creative partnerships, today’s energy invites you to confront issues that have been lingering in the shadows.

You’re reaching an important realization when the sun and Mercury team up in Gemini on June 14. This can usher in a new perspective on the world or encourage you to share personal news with someone important.


scorpio horoscope

Are you ready for a reality check, Scorpio? It’s becoming more apparent which relationships are worth investing your time and energy into, and which people in your life leave you feeling depleted when the sun in Gemini collides into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. As such, this isn’t the best day to rely on others for support, or to take a chance and open up to a lover; people are a bit pricklier today than normal.

Watch out for a titanic clash of egos on June 11 when Mars in Taurus bumps into Pluto in Aquarius. You might have an urge to search through a lover’s phone, or maybe something that takes place in your relationship triggers feelings of insecurity, jealousy, or obsession. Do your best to not let fears and pain from your past inform how you choose to behave in your relationships today.

On the upside, you might finally pay off any lingering credit card debt once the sun in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini sync up at the same point in the sky on June 14. You might also learn about a new work contract, explore new levels of intimacy in some of your close relationships, or find a kernel of wisdom by revisiting your past.


sagittarius horoscope

Should you stay or should you go, Sagittarius? Your closest relationships are up for revision when the sun in Gemini rams into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. This is an important day to set boundaries and have the tough discussions you’ve been avoiding in all types of your relationships. You could also feel temporary feelings of disappointment from an important person in your life; this, too, shall pass.

Try your best to not overcommit on June 11 when Mars in Taurus bumps into Pluto in Aquarius. You may need to put your plans aside when some sort of crisis emerges, or perhaps someone in your life will need your help and support. If you’re feeling overworked or micromanaged, today you might feel inclined to *really* let someone have it. Be careful: Words can sting!

You’re making an important decision in your relationships when the sun and Mercury, both in Gemini, team up in the sky on June 14. Maybe you’re discussing moving in together, or perhaps you’ve landed on an agreement for an upcoming work project or collaboration. The important people in your life—family, friends, and lovers—may share something illuminating with you today.


capricorn horoscope

Responsibility comes first, Capricorn, when the sun in Gemini meets with Saturn in Pisces on June 9. That doesn’t scare you, though! Today, responsibilities in your personal life and at work will need to be prioritized over any fun you had previously planned. You’re coming to terms with a new schedule that’s jam-packed and requires more daily dedication.

Money is on your mind and it may kick up feelings of scarcity when Mars in Taurus rams into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. If you’ve been overspending and overindulging, some anxiety might pop up this day. You’re also more aware of what others have and it can spark feelings of envy. Try not to project outward, but recognize and appreciate any of these feelings that emerge. They’re signs from the universe that whatever you have your eyes on is possible for you, too!

It’s time to ask for some help when the sun and Mercury link up in Gemini on June 14. If you feel like you’re shouldering too much, a solution could present itself. You could also make an important decision about your everyday life, like switching up some of your lifestyle habits, or ditching a vice.


aquarius horoscope

You’re ready to make a financial investment in your fun and future, Aquarius, once the sun in Gemini clashes into Saturn in Pisces on June 9. You might find yourself getting more serious about a hobby or ready to pour some of your funds into a creative project or dream you have for your future. Today’s energy can also be somber, delivering some disappointing news that requires you to return to the drawing board. A new plan will emerge—but it will require your dedication and daily effort!

The past begins to haunt you when Mars in Taurus collides into Pluto, in your sign, on June 11. This energy is triggering and emotional, as it brings up old memories that left a strong imprint on who you are today. Facing your fears and spending time with any residual pain that reemerges can promote healing and growth. Tend to your nervous system along the way and give yourself grace: This isn’t easy or for the faint of heart.

Good news finds you on June 14 when the sun and Mercury join together in Gemini. You might learn about a new opportunity to showcase some of your own skills and talent, receive news you’ve been waiting for, or maybe you just feel like you’re in the right place at the right time. You could also experience a turning point in your romantic relationship or a surge of creative inspiration.


pisces horoscope

It’s time to push back against loved ones who don’t support your transformation, Pisces. The sun in Gemini rams into Saturn, in your sign, reminding you that it’s your right to honor your boundaries, even if it turns off some of the people in your life. You can ditch the past and let others know that the new you isn’t going anywhere, and you’re proud of who you’re becoming.

Intense news or conversations might unfold when Mars in Taurus collides into Pluto in Aquarius on June 11. You’ll also want to watch out for becoming your own worst enemy and speaking some of your fears into existence. If possible, carve out time for rest—you’ll need it. Your schedule can feel more taxing, or maybe a more pressing matter emerges during the day that requires all of your focus.

The past informs your future when the sun in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini team up on June 14. Old memories and feelings emerge to remind you of how far you’ve come, and to encourage you to move forward in a new way. You may find new understanding and acceptance of what you’ve been through and realize that without some of those experiences, you wouldn’t be where you are now.

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